The Dark & Sensual World of Rose Ellen Swenson

Stumbling upon Rose Ellen Swenson’s Instagram feed, the viewer finds themselves immersed into a dreamscape of sensual and alluring images. The enthralling figures that waft in front of viewers create a sensory overload for Rose Ellen Swenson’s audience. Pouty lips, heavy lidded stares, and blooming flowers assault the senses in the most delightful way. Her figures are feminine and delicate, but beneath that they command attention with their bold motions that vibrate. Swenson has been creating since childhood. Surrounded by the arts from a young age, shaped her future creativity.

Her ability to blend and render textures only heightens her paintings. The viewer can image the soft skin of a cheek or the velvety pillow of a flower petal. Her use of geometric designs and flowers create a palpitation throughout the images that bring them to life. Capturing femininity without making her figures demur, her work takes control of the sensuality they ooze. Swenson’s audience has steadily been growing, which she attributes to social media influences. View the fleshly scenes Swenson presents, filled with powerful imagery of women that command the pages they inhabit with their feminine charm that leaves you thirsty for more.

Rose Elle Swenson Rose_ellen_Swenson_beautifulbizarre_002 Rose_ellen_Swenson_beautifulbizarre_003 Rose_ellen_Swenson_beautifulbizarre_004 Rose_ellen_Swenson_beautifulbizarre_005 Rose_ellen_Swenson_beautifulbizarre_006 Rose_ellen_Swenson_beautifulbizarre_007 Rose_ellen_Swenson_beautifulbizarre_008 Rose_ellen_Swenson_beautifulbizarre_009 Rose_ellen_Swenson_beautifulbizarre_010 Rose_ellen_Swenson_beautifulbizarre_011 Rose_ellen_Swenson_beautifulbizarre_012 Rose_ellen_Swenson_beautifulbizarre_013


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