‘Angel Dust’ Solo Exhibitions @ The Dark Art Emporium

Be still in the moments when darkness and light serve one another as equal counterparts, and get ready for ‘Angel Dust’, the solo exhibitions of Iva Troj, Rachael Bridge, and Meagan “Magpie” Rodgers, opening this weekend at The Dark Art Emporium. Where creative sparks ignite, each beautifully-distinct collection opens a doorway to mystery and interpretation. Join The Dark Art Emporium in celebration as they present ‘Angel Dust’! From The Gallery: Angel Dust is a show about The Fantastic. Three fantastic artists, each bringing a new selection of fantastic works, featuring fantastical creatures all dwelling within fantastic worlds. This is the looking glass. You are welcomed to play the part of Alice and step inside. The door you take could lead anywhere. To a lush environment filled with the swarming visages of anthropomorphic copulations, maidens and … Continue reading ‘Angel Dust’ Solo Exhibitions @ The Dark Art Emporium