‘Familiars’ Group Exhibition @ The Dark Art Emporium

Long told are the fables and folklore of witchcraft where it is believed that every witch and magical practitioner has a spirit companion to assist in their bidding. These special familiars (or “animal guides”) have served as a divine vessel and sacred aide throughout history. Do you believe in these supernatural entities? Let The Dark Art Emporium persuade and enrapture your imagination as they present ‘Familiars’, a new group exhibition sure to lure you in. Don’t miss the opening of this enchanting new collection, Saturday, August 10th! Participating Artists: Kristina Drake, Braden Duncan, Kady Rose, Dolce Paganne, Frau Sakra, Kerri Hoppa, Ana Sanchez, Joe Vollan, Kat Philbin, William Zdan, Patrick Thai, Jennifer Hrabota Lesser, Carolina Seth, Kevin Hemminger, Brady Wilmott, Jenny Fontana, and Jeremy Cross. Press Release: Animals and our associations with them may be … Continue reading ‘Familiars’ Group Exhibition @ The Dark Art Emporium