The Feminist Artwork of Maryam Gohar

While the feminist movement is very active around the globe today, Maryam Gohar follows the age-old expression that “a picture is worth a thousand words”. Her textured strokes of pencil and swatches of watercolor bathe these erotic scenes with both rebelliousness and pride. To understand and appreciate her art, one must understand her background. As an artist in Iran, Maryam lives in a culture that does not accept women as free agents. Even the name Maryam Gohar is a pseudonym to both protect the artist’s identity, and pay homage to her grandmother. Her artwork acts as a mouthpiece to her inner sensuality, broadcasting support for all women. The feminist-positive artwork of Maryam Gohar seems to calmly declare “I am not invisible” as it depicts femininity in all its forms. Her subjects’ bodies are naked and … Continue reading The Feminist Artwork of Maryam Gohar