Tatiana Suarez: Painting Life Into Legend

Born and raised in Miami, painter and muralist Tatiana Suarez, or Tati, paints life into legend. With a Brazilian mother and artist father from El Salvador, Tati’s influences are a multicultural mix of past (stories passed down by family) and present (stories from her hometown Miami). The ethereal realm she grew up reading and hearing about finds life beyond the pages of legends past, emerging anew to live in cities, and hearts, worldwide. Tati’s tropical palette and verdant, layered symbolism point to the central theme/character harmonious in her artwork: Nature. From exotic rainforests and swampy escapades, to salty adventures with wavy-haired mermaids, elements of the natural – while not always from ‘our world’ – prevails throughout Tati’s artistic multiverse. She takes us on a sensory journey into the Amazon to discover a sultry world alive … Continue reading Tatiana Suarez: Painting Life Into Legend