The Psychedelic Eroticism of PHAZED

Hypnotic neon colors, psychedelic landscapes, nudity, and a llama-corn, Canadian-born artist PHAZED has it all. Jean Francois Painchaud, also known as INSTAPHAZED on Instagram, invites his audience to join him on a mind-altering voyage. Using a palette of hues of immense vibrancy, PHAZED brings emotion and action to otherwise still pictures. The digital artist focuses on various subjects including portraits, cats, erotica, food, landscapes, and still-lives. Some of his works focus less on a subject and more on color and movement as the viewer is thrown into the abyss of science fiction and an acid trip. While color is the outstanding theme in PHAZED’s work, there are several black and white pieces that highlight stunning simplicity. PHAZED also tastefully explores sexuality in his artworks by depicting individuals in the nude, engaged in a multitude of … Continue reading The Psychedelic Eroticism of PHAZED