Feminine Ethos: An Interview with Natalia Berglund

Indeed, there is no shortage of creativity and inspiration when looking upon the mixed media portraiture of Natalia Berglund. There is intensity and empowerment, a pensive sight even while her subject’s vision is often shielded, and a compositional elegance infusing femininity and symbolism that makes Natalia’s heartened calling for art obvious. These compelling elements allow the viewer to linger and interpret each of her intriguing paintings. I had the pleasure of interviewing Natalia to gain further insight into her work, narrative visions, and plans for the future. I hope you enjoy! About the Artist: Natalia Berglund is a multidisciplinary visual artist who works in a variety of different mediums, with a primary focus on portraiture. Her latest body of work is inspired by Orthodox iconography and fashion photography. Drawing parallels between the high drama of … Continue reading Feminine Ethos: An Interview with Natalia Berglund