Modern Eden Gallery Celebrates THE PORTRAIT SHOW 12: MYTH

This weekend Modern Eden Gallery invites us to experience the opening reception of THE PORTRAIT SHOW 12: MYTH, their 12th annual exhibition dedicated to the timeless art of portraiture.

Immersing ourselves in the artist’s individual interpretation and unique visual style, we are transported to a world of fantasy and legend, where the boundaries of possibility are pushed, and creativity knows no bounds. Myths are not limited to ancient civilizations; they continue to play a role in contemporary culture. From urban legends to folklore, myths persist in shaping the world around us. By exploring these concepts, imaginative compositions, and intriguing narratives, we have the opportunity to revel in this beautiful collection and honor each participating artist. Join us, won’t you?

Take a trip down memory lane and view past exhibitions. You can also visit the gallery website to explore upcoming events and available inventory.


Opening Reception: Saturday, June 15, 2024 | 6–9 pm

Exhibition Dates:  June 15 – July 4, 2024

Modern Eden Gallery

1100 Sutter Street | San Francisco, CA 94109

For press inquiries or sales, please contact Modern Eden Gallery Director Kim Larson at kim@moderneden.com | General Information, please email info@moderneden.com

Phone: (415) 956-3303 

Wednesday–Saturday, 12–5 pm

Private artwork viewing appointments are available

Modern Eden Gallery Press Release //

Modern Eden Gallery is proud to present our 12th annual portrait exhibition, Myth. In the tradition of the show, we once again opened up for submissions from our extended community of artists and are excited to present the works of 25 artists exhibiting at Modern Eden for the first time, in addition to returning favorites.

The collection features imaginative portrait paintings that depict one of the gods, goddesses, heroes, heroines, beasts, or benevolent beings of global mythology. These archetypes have long been creative food for artists throughout history, and by bringing their narratives into to form of portraiture a deeper connection to the mythological being can be understood. We hope you enjoy!

Participating Artists //

Aaron Nagel, Alexandra Manukyan, Alexandra Verhoven, Alexis Marga, Alice Koswara, Amber Feng, Andrea Sipl, Angelique Benicio, Anhuar Del Prado, Animalitoland, Aunia Kahn, Beatriz Bradaschii Grecco D’Onofrio, Bob Doucette, Briana Hertzog, Caia Koopman, Carl Ingram, Carolin Prinn, Cassandra Kim, Catherine Moore, Charmaine Olivia, Christine R. Bay, Cody Jimenez, Colete Martin, Colin Poole, Craig LaRotonda, Crystal James, Dos Diablos, Erica Calardo, Glenn Arthur, Greysen Strumpler.

Hugo D. Villa, Jasmine Worth, Jel Ena, Jennika Bastian,John Walker, Jon Stich, Josh Thurman, Juan Manuel Sanabria, Julia Lundman, Keelan McMorrow, Keight MacLean, Kelley Sutphin, Kristin Kwan, Krisztina Lazar, Lacey Bryant, Lahel Fowler, Lara Dann, Lara Hochreiter, Lee Harvey Roswell, Leilani Bustamante, Leona Gamble, Lindsey Gardner, Liz Gridley, Luis Tinoco, Madison Touran, Mandy Tsung, Marco Santos, Marek Osedowski, Mariana Moreno-Gonzalez, Marie-Eve Proteau, Martin Hsu, Martin de Diego, Matthew Dutton.

Matthew T. Perry, Meg Allan, Michael Foulkrod, Morgan Booth, Nadezda, Nico Cathcart, Paige Carpenter, Pamela Mower-Conner, Rachel Bensimon, Rachel Perrin, Robyn Asquini, Rupy Kaloti, Ryan Martin, Siolo Thompson, Stephanie Freese, Steven Kenny, Sybiline, Tino Rodriguez, Tom Carlson, Ursula Xanthe Young, Valéry VECU-Quitard, Vanessa Powers, Viandara Elfaerian, Vincent Fink, Virgo Paraiso, Ximena Rendon, and Yuting Wang.

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