Artstation TAKES OVER Beautiful Bizarre Socials

Are you ready for the next Take Over?!

If you are a follower of our Beautiful Bizarre community, you surely love this feature as much as I do. Every month, we select one of our favourite creative minds and friends to take over Beautiful Bizarre Magazine’s social media for a whole day. One full day of inspiration and creative energies – directly from the source and curated with 🖤!

In April, we handed our socials over to our great supporters and gold sponsors of the Beautiful Bizarre Art Prize 2022, Artstation. What a special Tuesday it was!

In case you missed their curation on our socials, we put together the Take Over right here. Let’s delve into the world of Artstation!

Artstation Rory Björkman
Rory Björkman

ArtStation is the showcase platform for art & design, created to help artists thrive. Follow along as we highlight artists of our community and how they use the platform to become better artists, network and grow in their careers.

Robbie Trevino // Learning

Get access to hundreds of free learning courses on illustration, concept art and more like “Into the Numinous” with Robbie Trevino here. Trevino is a freelance illustrator and concept designer based in Seattle specializing in surreal and sci-fi creatures and character art. Check out Robbie’s ArtStation portfolio here.

Artstation Robbie Trevino

Alena Aenami // Prints

Discovering the online art community was a key moment for freelance artist Alena Aenami‘s professional and creative journey. Plugging into a network of fellow creatives helped her take her art career to new heights, including through the development of a successful online business selling her prints on ArtStation.

Read more about Alena Aenami’s ArtStation Prints success story here.

Le Vuong // Marketplace

Le Vuong is a freelance artist who specializes in fantasy illustration for games and book covers. When the ArtStation Marketplace was first released, Vuong was one of the first ones to test it out with his digital brushes and he quickly became a top seller.

Find out more about his process and story here.

Geoffrey Ernault // Learning

Geoffrey Ernault is a concept artist and game developer who enjoys video games, space, drones, and miniatures. Originally from France, he has lived in multiple countries including China, Greece, and Russia. Those travels are what originally inspired him to start making art over a decade ago.

On ArtStation Learning, he teaches how to use photos to generate ideas, develop a color palette, and refine the composition in order to have a starting point for a more developed image.

Watch the course “Generating Colored Sketches and Ideas from Chaos” here.

Artstation Geoffrey Ernault

Jeryce Dianinganat // Challenge

Jeryce Dianingana’s Wakongo River features a futuristic and peaceful African city that earned him 3rd place in ArtStation’s “Beyond Human Challenge”.

See more of Jeryce’s work on his ArtStation and keep your eyes out for the next challenge to join here.

Artstation Jeryce Dianingana

Epple Rice // Challenge

Concept artist Epple Rice made a splash with their first place “Romanimal Empire” entry for the “Character Design” category of the “Untamed Challenge”. See more impressive entries from the challenge here and keep your eyes peeled for the next one being announced soon!

Kevin Adi // Discovery

Enjoyed the takeover? Discover more incredible art by the ArtStation community and connect with other artists at artstation.com or download the app today on iOS and Android.

Artstation Kevin Adi

This was the last post of our dear friends at Artstation. Thank you for the unique curation of our feed and the inspiration you shared with all of us!

Artstation Social Media Accounts

Website | Instagram | Facebook | Twitter


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