COLOR4ACTION: Fight COVID-19 through Art!

With the global pandemic affecting us all, it can feel overwhelming. How can you help, while at the same time, simultaneously managing your own physical and mental health? With this in mind, non-profit art project Yourban2030, in partnership with Dorothy Circus Gallery, has launched COLOR4ACTION. The art campaign brings street art directly into your home, in return for a small monetary donation to a COVID-19-fighting association.

COLOR4ACTION in partnership with Yourban2030 and Dorothy Circus Gallery

COLOR4ACTION is the first global outreach that aims to bring street art in quarantined people’s houses, sharing 40 colouring pages exclusively designed by a host of well-known artists. This is a great way to challenge yourself, to relax and discover your own artistic talent!

In return, you will help this global outreach programme to reach their goal of raising funds to help not only hospitals and doctors all around the world, but also all those associations and NGOs involved in the post-Covid emergencies involved in helping those in need.

Artists Involved:

Ahoy, Alessio Vitelli, Amlrumdame, Ananda Nahu, Andrea Wan, Athalia Lewartowaki, Carlos Atoche, Damien Mitchell, Danielle Mastrion, Di-Amond, Dulk, Ellena Lourens, Fabio Petani, Gioromo, Gomez, Heberth Sobral, Hugo Salazar Chuquimango, Idro51, Ienacruz, Ironmould, Jorghe, Keya Tama, Krayon, Louis Masai, Maupal, Max Papeschi, Memi Guilherme, Messy Desk, Mosa, Mrkas, Nielesh, Quinho, Okuda, Omerart, Ozmo, Pantonio, Saicus, Solo, Tal Shetach, Violetta Carpino, Waone Of Interesni Kazki, more tba…

Interested?  The project works through three simple steps:

1. Donate. Make a donation to a hospital / NGOs involved in the Covid-19 emergency (any amount you can afford!). The artists involved in the project have put together a handy list of suggestions to get you started. Check the COLOR4ACTION website for more details!

2. Send a copy of your donation receipt to [email protected]. You will then receive a link and get access to all the downloadable street artists’ drawings. The list of artists involved is constantly growing.

3. Get colouring! Share your final piece via social media with the tags #color4action #streetart4covid #color4covid #yourban2030 #dorothycircusgallery. Alternatively, submit your work to [email protected]. The artists themselves could select your work to be featured in the first worldwide street art Colouring Book. This will be a unique publication that will show how art can heal the spirit and give birth to new paths of international solidarity!

Fabio Petani street art with Yourban2030 & Dorothy Circus Gallery
Fabio Petani
Louis Masai no strings attached bee painting
Louis Masai

Press Release:

“In moments like this where we [must] stay at home to contain the circulation of the virus, we have thought about the therapeutic power of colours.” Yourban2030 president Veronica De Angelis declared. “We wanted to give something special, yet easy to use, to those struggling with daily life tensions and stress. [To] guide their minds through a universe full of colour and fantasy, and to let them be in touch with their deepest self. The topic concerning health and access to care is primary and urgent […] and it requires a strong commitment by everyone, because get-ting together and elaborating new paths of solidarity and charity is the only way we can contribute to this global health emergency.”

“Covid-19 has seriously affected everyone’s life. We are facing an emergency we are not totally prepared for” said Alexandra Mazzanti, Dorothy Circus Gallery director and curator.

“This had me questioning myself about what I could do to help. Veronica and the Yourban2030 team came to me proposing a partnership in the Color4Action campaign. I finally had the chance to actually help everyone in need. Hospitals and NGOs are going to receive funds in order to better face this catastrophe, and the people participating will benefit from doing philanthropy, [while] creating beautiful art alongside their favourite street artists. I strongly believe this is what we needed: art and kindness will save the world.”

Carlos Atoche street art with Yourban2030 & Dorothy Circus Gallery
Carlos Atoche

“In the USA we really need actions like this one: international, creative, ethical and charitable” says Frank Ferrante of Ferrante Law Firm. “I sincerely hope that more green initiatives through Art will be created as soon as possible.”

Finally, Yourban2030 would like to thank everyone involved in making this campaign international: Sara di Gangi, Tal Holan-der, Fabrizio del Prete, Manuela Parrino.

Social Media Accounts

COLOR4ACTION | Yourban2030 | Dorothy Circus Gallery

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