Sheidlina TAKES OVER Beautiful Bizarre

Every month we choose one of our favourite creatives to TAKE OVER the Beautiful Bizarre Magazine social media for the day. In March, we chose artist Sheidlina to share with us the artists who have inspired her throughout her career. Just in case you missed it, below we present the full TAKE OVER.

Sheidlina portrait photography

Sheidlina // I’m an artist born in the internet – what does it mean? I was 16 when I moved from little town in European Saint Petersburg. I created an account with new identity in Instagram – it’s new, but finally real. I filled up the world of this identity by stories and reflections. I hid there. One day, I realized that I want to touch this world and feel it in person, pixels became not enough for me. My artistic hunger is ripping me up inside and I want to take as many art directions as possible. Today, I’m preparing a personal exhibition in Japan with performance, sculptures, interactive installations, paintings, photos and videos. I’m 25 now, and I’m ready to call myself an artist. Staying here, hello, my name is Ellen, I want to show the world of survirtual art; survirtualism is a complication of dream, reality and virtuality. For you to understand my genetic code better, I will share 7 artists that helped me not to be afraid of creation. Every artist illustrates my book of tastes. I can tell exactly why I chose them. Their paintings don’t contain egoism. Their paintings contain all of us. Artists tell us about the moment when objects loose their usual form and, capturing the moment, they immortalize a conception in the most admirable angle. A flower splashed as a wave of color, birds burst through the body, breaking free, mask is gone and there is no lie in the finished painting. It’s hard for me to divide it, but I’ll try to outline my base from their arts.

Tomohiro Takagi // When black thread is only one thing remained to you, you start to bleach it in the sun, rub it with cherry for a scarlet color, and weave this history of an inner animal; who are you for real? It’s the foundation of his arts…

Tomohiro Takagi surreal painting
Tomohiro Takagi surreal frog painting

Nozomi Tojinbara // Her stories are reflected in a series of works; in one work you see a carpet at the cemetery, and earlier you noticed it in a castle. Hints are the base of her paintings.

Nozomi Tojinbara surreal painting

Esao Andrews // I like his idea to cut off a person’s head and cook soup with it. Then taste it and draw another head by taste. I like his drawing style; like painting oil on the water… accidentally merged drops of paint make the foundation of his artworks.

Esao Andrews surreal painting
Esao Andrews surreal painting

Yuko Higuchi // Dreams came true in other artists, and that’s enough for me. I wanted to be a book illustrator to fill the absence of pages; and then I found Yuko, I found myself in her. Divide your wishes to different artists, let them realize dreams that could be yours. You are only an artist, but also you are a neuroscientist, dancer, writer and climber. Book illustration is the base of this artist.

Yuko Higuchi storybook illustration

Nicoletta Ceccoli // Removing toy derbies, I’ve stayed that cube that looks at me, removing toys derbies. Rewind – and we are removing personality disorder derbies already. Plunging a hand in a soft pie, I understand that it’s filling is made from blades, and that’s the base of her paintings. Painful.

Nicoletta Ceccoli storybook painting
Nicoletta Ceccoli surreal painting

James Jean // A metropolis built from an artist’s style. His colors, characters, lines and directions. I’m just looking, I’m a tourist. How’s is your excursion going? What’s about the city itself? I want to build my own metropolis from my style. Photos can’t repeat… that’s their drawing;s foundation. 

James Jean pop surrealism painting

Rob Gonsalves // Let the wind carry me in those drawn realms. Let water’s dance teach the moves. Let me never find a key to this world of metaphorical forms, but I’ll fit through the art window, and take off with the shapeless air in my lungs. Thank you for giving the life – it’s his painting’s foundation. The life.

Rob Gonsalves surreal narrative painting
Rob Gonsalves surreal narrative painting

This was the last piece chosen by Sheidlina for her TAKE OVER. Thank you again Sheidlina, we really appreciate you taking the time to put this day together.

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