Nadezda TAKES OVER Beautiful Bizarre

Every month we choose one of our favourite creatives to TAKE OVER the Beautiful Bizarre Magazine social media for the day. In February we chose painter Nadezda to share with us the artists who have inspired her through her artistic career. Just in case you missed it, below we present the full TAKE OVER


Nadezda // Wondervault is a very special piece I created in 2019. Somehow the soul’s seam burst and creatures and characters of all personalities, shapes and stories, started pouring out on to my artwork since. This piece will be shown in 2020 with Abend Gallery.

In the age of so much visual information being exposed by a second on the digital screens, after a while one might think it is almost impossible to find a new ground-breaking artist from the past. Yet, somehow you keep finding the beautiful unique visual voices covered by the dust of history that resonate strongly with you. You look at their works as if you are staring into their eyes and find understanding, as if they are friends and you have known them for the longest of time.

Witold Wojtkiewic-children on horse

Witold Wojtkiewic // I discovered his work about a year ago and instantly fell in love with his language and flight of imagination. The pure bright colours of childhood and the creeping, muted shadows of adulthood are dancing together within his drawings and paintings.

Gustav Adolf-Mossa-the fates surreal painting

Gustav-Adolf Mossa // A French Symbolist painter – another recently discovered, beautiful “friend” from the past.

Mikhail Vrubel-man sitting painting

Mikhail Vrubel // Russian Art Nouveau and Symbolist painter with an incredibly unique visual language and flight of imagination.


Alfred Kubin // The magnetic dark romantic plots of his monochromatic works stir the imagination’s murky side.

Ivan Bilibin surreal painting woman in woods

Ivan Bilibin // Bilibin’s magnificent body of work stretches across various genres – painting, illustration, stage design – some of my most favourite are his illustrations of Slavic folklore – tales I grew up reading when I was a child.

Antonio Mancini-self-portrait

Antonio Mancini // Antonio Mancini was a magnificent Italian master painter. His brilliant artwork and visual language was not the only fascination for me when I discovered his work, but also his distinct personality and character – vulnerable and fragile, yet stern and full of confidence in his artistic convictions – you can see this in the eyes of his many self-portraits…

Henry Fuesli-woman celebrating around a man with a bull head nude art

Henry Fuseli // Every time I look at Fuseli’s paintings, I imagine I was invited to join the dark theatre – the figures are moving and drama is unfolding, while it lures you closer each time you glance at it to reveal more characters and creatures hiding in the shadows.

This was the last piece chosen by Nadezda for her TAKE OVER. Thank you again Nadezda, we really appreciate you taking the time to put this day together.

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