Julie Filipenko TAKES OVER Beautiful Bizarre

Every month we choose one of our favourite creatives to TAKE OVER the Beautiful Bizarre Magazine social media for the day. Back in December we chose painter Julie Filipenko to share with us the artists who have inspired her through her artistic career. Just in case you missed it, below we present the full TAKE OVER. 

Julie Filipenko pop surreal Alice in Wonderland art

Julie Filipenko // This is a painting that was commissioned as gift the Tel Aviv Museum of Arts. I’ve always been enchanted with the adventures of Alice, and previously have done a few versions of her. This one I find as the most successful so far depicting how I really feel about her. I think so many of us relate to Alice, because in a way we’re all on a self discovery journey, trying to answer the question pointed at us “who are you”. This world is not so different from wonderland, where the rules sometimes are absurd and don’t make sense, but oh it could also be so magical!

Jonas Burgert surreal painting

Jonas Burgert // The first time I saw his paintings, I was blown away and felt like I’ve never seen anything like it before. What struck me most was the combination of the boldness of his colour palette, the confidence that seeps through brush stroke, and the surreal imagery. His fresh take on the combination of these three elements lets us experience a new reality.

Troy Brooks pop surreal painting

Troy Brooks // I love the mysterious allure his characters possess, reminds me of the glamorous and dramatic feel of heroines from the 30’s cinema. What strikes me most is how he creates light, and the presence of a magic glow in each piece. Makes me experience light in a new way, almost imagine I can see the texture of it.

kazuhiro hori surreal painting

Kazuhiro Hori // His imagery speaks directly to my heart and I was blown away the first time I witnessed his work. He captures fleeting emotions, and manages to present them back to you in a way that wouldn’t be possible to be retold in words alone. He captures in what I find as a perfect way the contrast, that makes up life. It’s enchanted and dark at the same time, a reality where the sweetness of magic and pain coexist in the same timeline. Like a lucid dream, in which whatever you give your attention to, will grow bigger.

Yoskay Yamamoto blue surreal painting

Yoskay Yamamoto // His work will always hold a special place in my heart because just viewing it was part of what inspired me to follow my artistic path. I first saw his paintings a few years after I have finished art school, and couldn’t bring myself to create anything. My art schools propaganda was that unless something is avant-garde, there’s no point of making it. This left me feeling like there’s nothing I’m “allowed” to paint, and so I didn’t. Then I saw Yoskays work; I was touched by his fantasy world and the magic feel in his characters. I realised there he is, creating images that are true to his heart, and even though my professors wouldn’t have accepted work in this genera, there he is, being a successful artist. That made me realise that I want to create my very own fantasy world as well and share through my characters my personal emotions.

zeen chin surreal digital character art

Zeen Chin // Zeen is a digital illustrator, and the richness of his imagination is really unique. His paintings are filled with ghosts and witches, which are all motifs I grew up on in my childhood, and display the duality that can be present in any human nature. Innocence and evil, living in one body, playing with the world around. Technique wise, Zeen adds a glow to his main characters that seems to be coming from within and creating an aura of light around them, giving you a feel as if you’re looking at an angelic being coexisting peacefully amongst the dark creatures around, which could very well be just an extension of the seemingly innocent girls own personality.

Stacey Rozich playful life and death painting

Stacey Rozich // I love her theatrical like approach of depicting a playful romance between life and death. The combination of bright colors with ornaments and whimsical characters, create an alternate world, where there is no good or bad. Just different topics playing together and off each other.

Sally Mann portrait photography girl smoking

Sally Mann // Sally is a photographer which through her work has touched on a variety of subjects of architecture, landscape and still life. However, the way she captures children with her perspective really hits you in the gut with it’s rawness and realness. I think if the essence of what she is presenting wasn’t real, it wouldn’t have left so many people feeling uncomfortable. This world is made up of contradictions and contrast, and that is what gives shape to anything that we can perceive as existing. You could be innocent whilst in the process of losing this essence at the same time. Things are not black or white, and nothing can stand still without constantly evolving.

This was the last piece chosen by Julie Filipenko for her TAKE OVER. Thank you again Julie, we really appreciate you taking the time to put this day together.

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