Kat Von D Launches “Von D Shoes” on World Vegan Day

Today is World Vegan Day and marks the latest launch from artist, tattoo artist, author, musician, activist and the founder of Kat Von D Beauty – Kat Von D.  “Von D Shoes” is now available exclusively on VonDShoes.com. The collection includes timeless styles such as combat boots, flats, wedges, kitten heels, creepers, gladiator sandals, moon boots, sneakers, slip ons and all are a testament to Kat Von D’s signature style. The inaugural collection will include 32 styles total, with 13 various styles available to purchase today and the remaining 19 styles will roll out over the next few months.

Not only are the shoes vegan, handmade by a team of artisans in Florence and luxurious looking, but Von D Shoes also feature several gender fluid styles. That aspect made me even more excited as her brand embraces inclusivity – and yes, I was asked on several occasions if Von D Shoes were only made for “women”? “The Hex” unisex slip on, for instance, was made with a comfort wide fit and the sculpted detail on the sole made from recycled rubber.

Sizes range from 5 to 12 and pricing ranges from $90 to $350. U.S. and international shipping is also available. For select styles, Von D Shoes will be donating proceeds to no kill animal shelters. I feel proud that Kat is bringing a luxe vegan shoe brand into the market as I do believe there is a true need for it. The apple red lining adds such a beautiful contrast and richness to many styles in the new launch, too. One should note that Von D Shoes are not disposable shoes and Kat does not want you to feel obligated to buy, buy and buy them as a commodity. She did not create this line to contribute to the “fast fashion” culture. She wants you to buy them if you truly love them.

We hope you enjoy this look at Von D Shoes!

Kat Von D Launches "Von D Shoes" on World Vegan Day coven witch shoes
Kat Von D Launches "Von D Shoes" on World Vegan Day

“When I first became vegan, I found that finding vegan shoes was a lot more challenging than finding vegan food. I really felt like I could fill that void in the market by creating vegan shoes that are affordable, but built to last a lifetime,” said Von D.  These shoes certainly are built to last a lifetime as they use all vegan materials such as embossed velvet, satin, recycled rubber, faux fur, coated canvas, vegan suede as well as sustainable leather made from compressed apples for select styles.

From looking at all of the immaculately crafted designs, I foresee a wonderful future for the brand – and yes, I would love to own them all eventually even if that is not their intention. And no, I would not wear them once and then put them away either. I have my sights on “The Slayer” boot, “The Adele” pump and “The Swoon” heel thus far- although it appears their unique designs and sustainability factor does in fact appeal to me on every level.

von d shoes launches on world vegan day

About Von D Shoes: 100% VEGAN+crueltyfree shoes designed by Kat Von D, herself. Launching the first 13 styles, November 1 – on World Vegan Day! The shoes will be available on VonDshoes.com We will be offering size 5-12 in most styles, as well as a few styles available in men’s sizes. Like every project, Kat is part of the entire creative process. From designing the shoes by hand, to selecting fabrics and hardware, box design, logos, tissue paper design, to art directing and producing the campaigns. Shoes are made in Florence, Italy, in the home of legendary shoemakers, and Von D shoes are made in the same factories as Jimmy Choo, Gucci, Louboutin.

Our factory is family owned, and comprised of a team of true artisans, hand crafting each shoe. We use all vegan materials like beautiful embossed velvets, satin, recycled rubber, coated canvas, faux fur and reptile textures, vegan suede as well as a sustainable vegan leather made from compressed apples for select styles. We will be donating proceeds of select shoes to no kill animal shelters.

Kat Von D Von D Shoes fetish vegan heels Kat Von D Launches "Von D Shoes" red fetish

Kat Von D Launches "Von D Shoes" world vegan day

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Kat Von D Social Media Accounts

Website | Facebook | Twitter | Instagram

Von D Shoes Social Media Accounts

Website | Facebook | Instagram

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