Brianna Reagan: FEAST + FAMINE @ The Bear Gallery

Brianna Reagan’s solo exhibit ‘FEAST + FAMINE’ opens this Friday at The Bear Gallery, Fairbanks, Alaska. The exhibition focusses on the juxtaposition of opposites; life with death, and making something beautiful out of the unexpected.


“A feast of ideas. A famine of time.

This collection of work was born from an abundance of ideas, created in increments of time.

Constantly invaded by images, I employ my mind to make connections within them. My art is about the connections and the relationships between objects or characters, and about their journey from concept to completed work of art.

The wealth of ideas necessitated that I be efficient with my time; efficiency in art making allows for more of the ideas to arrive in reality. As my mind empties, there is room to be filled again. One idea stemming from previous. The concepts propagate.”

Brianna Reagan FEAST + FAMINE The Bear GalleryBrianna Reagan FEAST + FAMINE The Bear GalleryOpening Reception:

Friday, November 1, 2019 | 5 – 7pm

Exhibition Dates:

November 1 – 30, 2019

The Bear Gallery

2300 Airport Way,

Fairbanks, 99707 Alaska


“I titled this body of work FEAST + FAMINE because of the contradiction because I enjoy the juxtaposition of opposites, which I intentionally pursue; life with death; making something beautiful out of the unexpected. As negatives naturally attract, the one feeds the other. A natural life cycle. The circled are a reflection of this, and of how one idea may orbit another.”

Brianna Reagan FEAST + FAMINE wolf painting Brianna Reagan FEAST + FAMINE owl painting Brianna Reagan nature animal rib cage painting

“My paintings are applied to a wood surface or panel with hand drawn details in inks and coloured pencils. For this body of work, I explored and adopted gouache paint, allowing me to creatively feast on my ideas. The introduction to gouache is when this body of work truly flourished. The mixed media approach allowed me to work efficiently, in the small pockets of time. Further, the mixed media application parallels the combination of ideas.

My art also connects me to my profound need for visual order. The details are an outlet for these compulsive energies, which allows me to connect uniquely with each work of art.”

Brianna Reagan FEAST + FAMINE fox painting Brianna Reagan surreal rabbit painting

“Distinct to this body of work, I planned, mapped and sketched out my concepts. The sketches became essential in the planning process, refined into more meaningful compositions. Curiously, this is a more efficient way for me to paint.

The broadness of ideas and materials correlate to the vast randomness of the images in my mind. My intent is for one to feel familiarity in the feast, one course after another, amidst the famine of time we all experience.”

Brianna Reagan FEAST + FAMINE otter Brianna Reagan antlers painting Brianna Reagan FEAST + FAMINE The Bear GalleryBrianna Reagan surreal bear painting


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