David LaChapelle’s Color-Saturated Cult of Celebrity Photography

In a time well before digital deluge and carpal tunnel scrolling syndrome, old fashioned newsstand magazines with neon-slicked, tree pulp pages were the pop culture lifeline of preference. Fashionistas, teen idol obsessives, beauty junkies, art hounds — pretty much all demographics — did everything in their power to get their hot, sweaty, papercut-macheted mitts on them. Amid the vast sea of titles to choose from, however, certain standout covers beckoned. Oh how they teased. In fact, those particularly arresting images subliminally commanded innocent bystanders caught up in their tractor beams to pony up a fiver without thinking twice. Such was the supreme irresistibility of David LaChapelle’s glitter-flecked, flesh-saturated cover shots. His lustrous, kaleidoscopic images still manage to make the most jaded Insta-addicts do a ‘hot damnnn!’ double take. Deeply ensconced in the art scene since … Continue reading David LaChapelle’s Color-Saturated Cult of Celebrity Photography