Pierre Schmidt: Into the Rabbit Hole of A Creative Mind

Sex sells; it entertains and lures us in. Undeniably juicy color has a similar effect, as well as the contrast between what society defines as “normal” and “unusual”. Pierre Schmidt has a formula designed for the curious mind.

Raw cohesive tension vibrating with rich colors, nature and the skill of an artist creates a beauty and intrigue that must be explored. Leaving behind an atmosphere of the bizarre full of sexual energy and the curiosities of human nature. Pierre Schmidt depicts an eerie realm full of bright; brilliant almost pornographic; sensual digital masterpieces. An abundance of colors caress your eyes as you look upon stylish women and men with features melting away into flower petals and dripping rainbows. Leaning in to peer at the details, like a double take from afar tugging at your curiosity alluring your senses, we venture. Descending into the rabbit hole of a creative mind, we find ourselves pondering… questioning what is.

Pierre Schmidt tongue to tongue abstract kissing

Pierre Schmidt - Midnight nude woman flowers photography

A peculiar world stares back at you, missing features and gaping black holes hiding time and space; where women are composed from dripping flower petals or detachable limbs. Reclining in sensual poses as they please themselves, or those who look upon them, awash in waterfalls of nature. Fashionable females with gardens oozing from their mouths and their eyes falling away leaving nothing but petals behind make up some of Pierre Schmidt’s most profound digital collages.

An attraction grows from the unusual, creepy feeling present by missing faces and drooping eyes; features that fall away lost to the colorful petals overpowering like an ocean across the body it consumes. Even in the elitist expressions of the wealthy women sipping tea and glowering at someone just off canvas, or the spectral black holes where a face should be but is replaced by oozing rainbows and wildlife, we find our attention gripped to the details awaiting us. There is much to explore in his intriguing world of earth, space and something we just can’t place.

This is the creativity of Pierre Schmidt, a German artist who depicts a world of rainbows, sensuality and magic with an unsettling undertone of the unnatural. Pierre Schmidt was born in Ruhrgebiet, Germany in the year 1987, he lives and works in Berlin under the Norwegian derived name, “Drømsjel”, meaning Dream Soul in English translation. He uses traditional and digital illustrations, collage methods and inspirations from the philosophies of Friedrich Nietzsche and the melancholy work of Avro Pärt’s Spiegel em Spiegel. Exhibiting his work in France, Germany and the United States Drømsjel continues to create and alter his style and influences.

Pierre Schmidt - Lady Gaga woman flowers digital photography

Pierre Schmidt - Like The Sunshine nude woman flowers digital photography

Pierre Schmidt - ladies drinking tea green background digital photography

Pierre Schmidt - Like Spinning Plates nude woman flowers digital photography

Pierre Schmidt - Halcyon Days nude woman suntanning flowers digital photography

Pierre Schmidt - Die Melodie der Sprache flowers universe abstract digital photography

Pierre Schmidt - Baroque woman lingerie flowers digital nude photography

Pierre Schmidt - Man With Black Hat flowers universe space digital photography


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