Image-maker Nick Knight: Capturing AI Innovation in Fashion

Today’s digital discourse speaks loudly to AI and raises a question about its future impact in our creative industries. Combine fashion’s penchant for change; a photographer’s endless curiosity; and the makings of a camera (a brainchild of Man and Machine), and we can understand how the art of image-making (photography) is perhaps most exposed to the influences of AI. Among the pioneers embracing the new tech permeating our creative industries and riding the AI wave is London-based fashion photographer (image-maker), and SHOWstudio founder, Nick Knight. Undiluted, brazen and explosive, Knight’s career as an image-maker dominating the international fashion scene is underpinned with his devotion to innovation and artistic expression. Nick Knight, along with his team at SHOWStudio, bust out off-the-wall artistry, breaking open a broader dialogue on the spirit of community, creative democracy and positive … Continue reading Image-maker Nick Knight: Capturing AI Innovation in Fashion