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One of my favourite elements to art is the ability to create something new; though we can be influenced by a thousand similar sources, we will each interpret those things differently. From this, new worlds and characters can form; never mind these forming in multiple styles of art. So, what happens when you focus on the creatures forming within your mind? Do you see fantastical beasts, beings crawling from the dark – or even something light and playful? At Left Hand Black Gallery, owner and curator Crystal Turk is exploring this theme in her latest exhibition, Creature Feature.

Set in the new “South Park” district of San Diego (formally Golden Hill), Left Hand Black Gallery welcomes the strange and curious – and their latest show, which opens on June 1st is no exception. Celebrating the oddballs and creative weirdos, you can expect a bizarre array of creatures to arise especially for this show with artworks from over 50 artists from around the world!

“This show is a blast!” exclaims Crystal. “I love how the walls really come alive with adding 3D sculptures next to a flat fine art image. It’s exciting to see all the dimensions pop. Creature Feature started in 2013. I wanted to bring show to San Diego that would showcase the weird and the strange. I thought that “Creature Feature” would fit it. It’s a group art show comprised of artists using all types of media [and it’s] exciting to see all the different type of creatures that all these artists create. A creature from a sculptor is way different that a creature from photography, and yet both are equally stunning. The word “Creature” means something different to each person; it’s really letting them take over and sitting back to watch all the different creatures come alive. ”

Creature Feature

Opening Reception:

June 1, 2019 | 6-10pm, free beer served with valid ID

Exhibition Dates:

June 1 – July 17, 2019

Left Hand Black

1947 Fern Street #5 | San Diego | CA | 92102. Open Tues-Sun, 10am – 8pm.

For more details contact Crystal Turk, owner & curator of Left Hand Black Gallery, at [email protected] or call (619) 546-6555.

Creature Feature 2019 exhibits an array of creatures from the minds of fine art artists, tattoo artists, taxidermists, needleworkers and sculptors. The multi-media group exhibition has been a huge hit over the years, and Crystal is enthusiastic for the stories that will develop from the 2019 event.

One such story from a past year is from the work by Matthew Dutton (also exhibiting this year): “The first year I had Matthew Dutton in this show he sent me a sculpture/mixed media piece. It was an animal morphed into a baby face with horns. From the moment I opened the box this creature dominated the room. It had an odd odor giving it a bit of a creep vibe already, the face on it was so perfectly opposite to its body. It was the perfect amount of creep mixed with cute. I put it dead centre in the middle of the room so that no one could miss it, and no one did! Every time my husband would walk by it, it would startle him (and he’s a big man).” Cystal laughs, “He still talks about it to this day! This perfect little creature made you remember it even years after, just by its smell! Everyone who came to that show at Left Hand Black still talks about it! To me that’s art! Creating a presence around itself, and an entire experience. This creature is the reason why I fell in love with Matthew Dutton’s artwork.”

Creature Feature exhibits at Left Hand Black gallery from Saturday June 1 – Wednesday July 17, 2019. Contact Crystal Turk, owner and curator, by emailing [email protected] or call (619) 546-6555 to receive more details about the 51 artists exhibiting in this year’s show.

So what can you expect at Left Hand Black gallery this June? Take a look below at the sneak peek of the upcoming show.

Matt Lombard

Caitlyn McCormack

Ken Carrano


Bill Ross

Matthew Dutton

David Seidman

Megon Shoreclay

Anthony Mascolino

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