Prone to Exaggeration Exhibition @ The Dark Art Emporium

If you love dark art, then you’ve come to the right place. Delve deep into the strange and unusual and feast your eyes upon new works from Rick “DIENZO” Blanco, Richard J. Frost, and Bob Doucette in this triple-treat exhibition, Prone to Exaggeration. Join The Dark Art Emporium as they welcome the debut of these talented artists on Saturday, May 11th! Cast in heady imagination while balancing the scales of real and surreal, the unique styles and perspectives of each artist meld seamlessly into a mysteriously-dark dreamscape where anything feels possible. As gallerists, we find ourselves in a near constant state of infatuation. Falling in love with the works of artists and occasionally enamored with the idea of bringing them together. In an attempt to create that “Peanut butter in my Chocolate” moment, where these … Continue reading Prone to Exaggeration Exhibition @ The Dark Art Emporium