Nick Sheehy: Spinner of Wilds

A weird, wonderful world. Through his pop-surrealist art, Nick Sheehy transports us into a realm that feels fantastical in its beauty, as well as in its danger. Frogs take part in dancing rituals. Octopuses birth wildlife bouquets. And skulls house infinite snakes. It’s inception upon inception. A cycle of conception. Nick Sheehy creates an artistic world that celebrates the chimera. He showcases his subjects against dark backgrounds; they rise from the canvas as if they are on stage. There’s something about his anthropomorphic storytelling that deeply resonates to inspire a little bit of magic into the everyday. The moments Sheehy create are enigmatic, and darkly inviting; it’s as if we too are connected in the bizarre ecosystem of his imagination. And what a whacky, wonderful world that would be. Read on to hear from Nick … Continue reading Nick Sheehy: Spinner of Wilds