Facing Dualities: An Interview with Horacio Quiroz

Horacio Quiroz is a pop surrealist artist who lives in Mexico City, Mexico. Despite working as a Creative Art Director for twelve years, Horacio perpetually was tugged by the pull and craving for visual arts. After spending over a decade accelerating his art education with different art directors and photographers while working for various prestigious advertising agencies, in 2013 he decided to fully immerse himself into his own artistic endeavors. Over the past four years, Horacio Quiroz has been delving into the world of finding his identity as an artist- through this journey, he has created mystifying figures within his work. I read the texts on your website and noticed that you began as an Art Director for an advertising agency. What made you want to switch completely from that path to solely focusing on … Continue reading Facing Dualities: An Interview with Horacio Quiroz