Wondrous Creatures: An Interview with Ariel Bowman

2018 Beautiful Bizarre Magazine Art Prize Finalist, sculptor¬†Ariel Bowman¬†brings the past to the present, connecting science and art through her ceramic sculptures of prehistoric animals caught in timeless settings. Weaving in elements from nature and modern society, using ornately carved furniture, elaborately sculpted linens, and finely detailed creatures, she provides an artistic perspective of our connection with animals throughout the ages. 2019 Beautiful Bizarre Art Prize entries are now open! To be in the draw to win global exposure + over US$20,000 in cash and prizes, check out the details and enter today! What did you think of the art prize? I think it is a great way for artists to find international exposure and grow their careers through new connections. The work chosen was an amazing selection of a variety of subjects and media, … Continue reading Wondrous Creatures: An Interview with Ariel Bowman