The Whimsical Paintings of Robert Page

A look at the portfolio of Austin based artist Robert Page will remind you of novel ‘Animal Farm’ by George Orwell, and a lot of literary references on the animals we raise and the animals we are. But if his work is certainly thought-provoking, there is also a certain lightness radiating from his canvas. This self-taught painter perfectly assumes the low-brow, even a bit grunge, aesthetics of his creations. They are close to the pop surrealistic movement, even if Robert Page tells us, “I’m no Ron English, but yes, maybe to some degree, I’m a pop surrealist.” So, if the surrealism you find in his artwork is probably more in the beholder’s eye, his influences are quite classic. He says: “I have studied a lot of my favorite painters (past and present) trying to dissect … Continue reading The Whimsical Paintings of Robert Page