Tom Christophersen Interview: Artist. Actor. Atrocity?

Portraiture and performance artist Tom Christophersen knows the two disciplines go hand in hand. His portraits are a performance and he takes this truth to another level by more often than not working with performance artists as subjects. Christophersen grew up in Adelaide and is now based in Sydney, Australia. He is a theatre maker, performer, visual artist, facilitator, designer and illustrator, who likes “Twin Peaks, The Pixies and dark streaks” and is inspired by everything from succulent gardens to the Jonestown Massacre. His works are a mixture of the macabre and the joyful that catch the more bizarre sides of his subjects. Christopherson’s cheeky and dark sense of humour, along with his politics, is evident in his compositions. Layered with symbols and meaning, he takes the great tradition of portrait as person, not simply a face … Continue reading Tom Christophersen Interview: Artist. Actor. Atrocity?