Debbie Korbel: Creating Cohesion Out of Chaos

Assemblage artists epitomize the statement, “keep an open mind,” for they are always and forever doing just that: searching for unusual, interesting, and narrative pieces to fit the parts of their textured, and visually complex sculptural puzzles.  Los Angeles sculptor, and California native, Debbie Korbel finds inspiration in the shapes and textures of the objects she finds, and as a child, she picked up on patterns that may have gone unnoticed by others, such as shapes in shadows, and patterns in nature. Debbie is also one who loves to laugh, and enjoys spreading that joy and lightheartedness to others by adding humorous themes in her work. But there is also a pensivity held within the faces of many of Debbie’s subjects. A thoughtfulness that seems to indicate a gratitude of sorts, as if her subjects … Continue reading Debbie Korbel: Creating Cohesion Out of Chaos