Emotional Stories and Studio Visit: Reisha Perlmutter

Reisha Perlmutter is an extraordinarily talented oil painter who was born and raised in Naples, Florida.  Reisha’s subject matter is always connected to both nature and it’s organic magical elements. There are emotional stories behind all that she chooses to paint and I have grown to know Reisha over the past few years and consider her a good friend. I find it fascinating how she pushes herself into new directions of subject matter, especially seen in her latest work. All of Reisha’s subject matter is meant to challenge how we view the female body and deal with the emotional content behind seeing nude figurative portraiture. Her work is meant to raise awareness of our own bodies and their organic connection to nature.  I was first taken with Reisha’s painted underwater figures, then moved to seeing several … Continue reading Emotional Stories and Studio Visit: Reisha Perlmutter