Small Works 2018 @ Beinart Gallery

It’s that time of year again! One of THE BEST small works shows on Earth! This year features some incredible pieces from some of the worlds best known artists. The small works show is a great place to start your journey into art collecting. The details in these small paintings and sculptures are mind blowing. It shows the true strength and talent of all the artists involved. Australia! This is our lucky month, get down to Beinart Gallery on the 14th of July to check out these awesome works in person.

Small Works 2018 will showcase more than 100 new works by over 70 artists, many of whom are new to Beinart Gallery. This show includes paintings, drawings and sculptures by a host of highly skilled and imaginative artists.

ARTISTS: Shaun Tan, Travis Louie, Dulk, Johnson Tsang, Ronit Baranga, Scott Musgrove, Alex Gross, Chet Zar, Stella Im Hultberg, Tiffany Bozic, Amy Sol, Sarah Joncas, Erika Sanada, Joao Ruas, Alex Garant, Adipocere, Naoto Hattori, Hannah Yata, Sam Yong, Carlos Torres, John Brophy, Mike Leavitt, Salavat Fidai, Matt Dangler, Stephen Ives, Kisung Koh, Anton Vill, Young Chun, Lindsey Carr, Brian Mashburn, Adrian Cox, James Bullough, Peter Gric, Chris Leib, Matthew Bone, Dave Lebow, Nom Kinnear King, Yoko d’eHolbachi, Edith Lebeau, Christopher David White, Ross Vaughan, Sean Layh, Costa Magarakis, Jolene Lai, Wiley Wallace, Josie Morway, Caitlin McCormack, Sarah Dolby, Steve Cross, Jessica Dalva, Michelle Avery Konczyk, Clare Toms, Kane Kokaris, Beau White, Jeff Christensen, Lukifer Aurelius, Kit Mizeres, Jean-Pierre Arboleda, Steven Kenny, Marina Dieul, Annita Maslov, Karl Persson, Qimmy Shimmy, Katrin Berge, Edith Waddell, Indigo O’Rourke, Eevien Tan, Kim Evans, Brian Cheung, Gerard Geer, Sonya Palencia, Olga Esther, Dos Diablos, Zane York, Bryan Itch, Bryce Flint, Sebastian Galloway, Effie Pryer & Jon Beinart.


Small Works 2018

Opening Reception:

Saturday, July 14, 2018 | 6-9pm

Exhibition Dates:

July 14 – August 5, 2018

Beinart Gallery

1 Sparta Place | Brunswick, Vic 3056

View the Exhibition Online
For additional information and available artwork please contact the gallery directly at


Beau White

Sarah Joncas

Erika Sanada

Young Chun

Olga Esther

Chris Leib

Edith Lebeau

Johnson Tsang

Jon Beinart

Stella Im Hultberg

Ronit Baranga

Peter Gric

Salavat Fidai

Kisung Koh

Joao Ruas

Matt Dangler and Naoto Hattori Collaboration

About Author

Kylie Dexter was born (and is currently living with her gorgeous boys, Rob and Zen)  in Melbourne, Australia. Inspired by Pop Surrealism and the New Contemporary Art movement  she began collecting original works and sculptures in the mid 90's. Since then her collection has grown to epic proportions. She has had an obsession with art from a young age and has an eye for emerging artists, and a deep understanding of the narrative the artist is trying to portray. She believes art can change the way people think and reach the deepest part of their psyches. Kylie has faith in art's ability to create an energy to express and reflect the  deep symbolism and stories that are untouchable in normal reality. She also has a  heartfelt connection to music and is a self-taught artist who brings needle felting to life via her dolls that are sold and shown around the world.   With an enthusiastic addiction for writing about art, talking about art, looking at art and making art, what better place to be, surrounded by what you love! I feel passionate that Beautiful Bizarre Magazine raises the profile of up and coming artists, supports those already in the industry and contributes positively to galleries who share a common goal; to keep art alive and flowing, to keep people creating and more importantly keep people collecting and expressing themselves via the images on their walls. . 'Take your broken heart, make it into art' ~ Carrie Fisher

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