Laura Castellanos and the Alienbots

“In a world of junkyards, spare parts, and smog, live the Alienbots. They exist at the bottom of the societal pyramid. The workers. The trash collectors. The slaves. The vast majority of Alienbots can barely call what they live, a life. But still, these creatures of carbon and silicon strive for something more. Even if they were built to serve… even if they might never get it…The Alienbots live in a Pop Surrealist version of 1984. Everyone has their place, under the All Seeing Eye. Bots are built from spare parts (metal and biological)— they’re built to do one job, well. From Junkbot 1.0.t.v to Clownbot .001.0, each Alienbot has a role to play. But the bots dream of a better life, moving up the pyramid, from worker, to warden, to banker.  Or, they want … Continue reading Laura Castellanos and the Alienbots