The Narrative Wearable Art of Breath & Stone

There is a saying that tells that art is music for the eyes, and sometimes, music is intertwined so much with an artwork, you could almost hear its symphony. If it is true for fine arts, it also applies to wearable art, and, in this case, to jewelry. We heard melodies when we discovered unisex jewelry label Breath & Stone, which specializes in handcrafted sculptural design and wearable art. And for good reason, as its founder, Brohn Smith, is also a musician.

The designer founded his label in 2012, after working with various silversmiths in Berlin. This multidisciplinary artist, who writes electronic music and studies fashion design in his spare time, gathers quality and creative storytelling in his jewels.

Indeed, his creations are not only crafted with skills as well as with top line and ethical materials, (Breath & Stone only uses certified conflict-free diamonds, which have been sourced by the designer), they also conjures tales coming both from mythologies and from science-fiction. When adorning our bodies with Breath & Stone wearable art, we embark on an imaginary trip, from the Viking age to the spiritual kingdom of Voodoo spirits, but also to otherworldly planets where our jewels are weapons against unknown predators… we chatted with Brohn Smith to reveal the various dimensions of Breath & Stone, from art to spirituality.

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Can you tell me more about the birth of Breath & Stone and the motivations behind its creation?

From a young age I was constantly in search of unique things, I couldn’t ever find that ring or neckpiece I had envisioned. From then, I was extremely motivated to start a label and carve my own visual identity.

What are the essence and core aesthetics of Breath & Stone?

I consider that creating timeless offerings or philosophy is freedom of expression. Our ability to decide, to make choices, is what defines and empowers us.

What are your sources of inspiration when creating a design and a collection?

I’m in love with the ‘Medieval’ and ‘Viking’ ages. Some would say that I am a little obsessed with old ‘Medieval’ weapon books, as well as 10th century Alchemy. I also have a curiosity for the origins of metagalaxies. Ancient tribes of the world are big inspirations, music is another… my surroundings are ever stimulating, pulling in sounds and colours that enhance my designs and process.

What kind of materials do you favor/enjoy using?

The list is ever evolving, I love using silver, recycled gold, diamonds, meteorites and crystals. I guess you could say I favor silver and black diamonds.

Your jewels are also connected with the spiritual realm, such as the ‘Vodou’ ones: can you introduce us to this part of your universe?

I think we are all intermediaries, some more than others. For instance, spirits are mysteries or part of the invisible. If we observe the essence of Voodoo, this is an understanding that everything in the universe is linked spiritually. Similarly, our pieces are linked in a similar manner via names, materials and rhythms. The entire brand is connected and has been carefully thought out. Stylized objects representing words and sounds exist around us everywhere, yet most have not deciphered them yet. Breathe, exhale, dissolve… now nothing remains, only evidences of the spirit world.

The visual identity of your brand is also very intense, with photography and film collaboration(s): can you tell me more about it?

I like to think every aspect of the brand as art. The key is in the details, from the jewellery to the styling, photography, music and creative writing… everything has its place and purpose. I analyze everything. I can see sounds in colour and vice versa. It feels like a sixth sense, which is connected to my background in writing music. It was one of the most euphoric experiences of my life when they both combined for the first time.

Can you introduce your current and upcoming designs and collections?

The new collection was inspired by landscapes from the Isle Of Skye. Nomadic expressions, fused with curiosities I’ve collected from around the world made for a very interesting alliance. We’re shooting the new campaign with various tribes in North Africa, a perfect setting for the collection and finishes.

What can we expect from Breath & Stone in the future?

We have our first ‘Ready to Wear’ collection, home wares, and leather accessories coming this year. A new concept store in the southern hemisphere is currently taking shape, which for me is a very personal venture, being able to curate a world for people to enjoy and express themselves, with focus on senses and customer experience.

Breath & Stone

Photography by Salar Kheradpejouh
MUA: Vanessa Warkalla
Models: Alpha Dia & Valerie Mevegue
AD + Styling: Brohn Smith


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