The Mutant Porcelain Sculptures Of Juliette Clovis

Evolution is the psychological nature of human beings, even if technology has taken them away from physical nature. Yet, when our harmonious connection with Earth seems to be broken, art is acting as a repair, a sort of esthetic Kintsugi. The parallel between this ancient Japanese art of fixing broken potteries and the work of Juliette Clovis is bound to happen. Indeed, the French contemporary artist is both using the classical technique of ceramic, but she is also exploring the philosophical concept of metamorphosis. Born in 1978, Juliette Clovis is based in Bordeaux but traveling a lot to find her inspiration from nature. Obsessed by the dialogue between tradition and modernity, she began an art residency at La Manufacture Seynice, one of the oldest Limoges porcelain factories. The Limoges porcelain, a prestigious material in France, … Continue reading The Mutant Porcelain Sculptures Of Juliette Clovis