The Majestic and Oneiric Street Art of Etam Cru

In a world where cities are the blatant image of dehumanization, street artists have become the reminder of our innocence and creativity. By painting the walls, they are also pushing them away, allowing a sheer breath of air to enter in our polluted existences. The art of Etam Cru is especially refreshing and larger than life, and it is definitely not a way of speaking when you are looking at their multi-story murals.

This Polish street art crew has gained a lot of popularity in the past years, becoming a genuine giant in the art world. This giant is two-headed : indeed, Etam Cru is the alliance of two artists, Przemek Blejzyk, also known as Sainer, and Mateusz Gapski, aka Bezt. Respectively born in 1988 and 1987, the pair met at the Academy of Fine Arts of Lodz in 2010. Now based in Warsaw, they have covered many walls of Europe and United States with their poetic large-scale murals.

Either expressing themselves on canvas or on buildings, the duet is granting us an access to an oneiric world, storytelling and mysterious at the same time. Etam Cru’s choice of soft pastel colors and delicate themes is offering a constant sensation of lightness and grace. The art of Sainer and Bezt is inhabited by Eastern Europe folklore and mythical characters, as well as many tributes to nature and to the animal kingdom. With weightlessness, their pop surrealistic scenes are bringing sensitivity, humor or dreams to dull tower houses and cityscapes. Urban environment is breathing again with emotions, thanks to their vibrant figurative poetry.

Working together, with other street artists (such as Natalia Rak) or alone, Sainer and Bezt are contemporary enchanters. We are grateful to discover each of their new artworks, both in towns and in galleries, as if they were little stones that would help us find our trail back home, to the wonderland full of hope and beauty where we belong.

Etam Cru

Collaborations with Natalia Rak





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