The Oneiric and Moving Photography of Emma McEvoy

When you are feeling lonely and everything seems dark, just remember you are part of something bigger and that you are forever linked to nature. It is the kind of message emerging from the work of Emma McEvoy. Born in 1987, this photographer, based in Melbourne, is often travelling the world to capture its oddities. From African towns covered in sand to Icelandic folklore, the artist explores the emotional connection between human beings and their environment.

In moody, misty atmospheres, her models are usually naked to express their innocence and fragility. Looking like abandoned orphans, these heroes, especially female, are expressing helplessness. They are snuggling into ice fields, moss, or vegetal nests, when not embracing wild animals. There is a heartbreaking tenderness in the dreamlike scenes. The pictures have low-key moods, matching with melancholic hues. The result is compelling, calling to our empathy and identification with the heroes.

Slightly digitally altered, the images are introducing us to adulthood fairy tales, with their share of fantasy creatures. Yet, the mermaids, nymphs as well as Adam and Eve from McEvoy’s imagination are experiencing more psychological struggle than the usual moral of the story. Angst is alternating with a bittersweet reverie. Cathartic, the photography of the Australian artist is reminding us that, even when we are surrounded by shadows and cold, the relief is coming from the inside. Inner and outer worlds are merging in her oneiric pictures, with simplicity and delicacy.
Little by little, we are beginning to see the light in the photos, and feel the warmth. What seemed sad and wet at first sight is becoming surprisingly noble and smooth with a second look. As if Emma McEvoy was taming us just like wild animals. We accept our fate, finding comfort in the apparent harshness of nature.

Emma McEvoy


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