Stone Sparrow Design: Interview with Marina Eliasi

Marina Eliasi walks us through the journey into making her incredible wearable art pieces. She has an extensive range of unique skull and stone pieces, featuring macabre symbols and both precious and semi-precious stones. Her talon rings are her most notable pieces; they are dramatic and perfectly reflect the individuality of her craft to create exquisite statement pieces. Her imagination has allowed her to produce a body of work that provides dramatic colours and intricate cuts that compliment and form themselves around the wearer.  These organic elemental forms are an expression of her aching to build something that didn’t fit into the norm. Stone Sparrow Designs piece are truly handmade, beautiful made to order, one of a kind pieces, that will make your personal expression come to life. I recently interviewed Marina about her process, background, and what inspired … Continue reading Stone Sparrow Design: Interview with Marina Eliasi