Julia deVille TAKES OVER Beautiful Bizarre

Every month, Beautiful Bizarre Magazine chooses one of our favourite artists to TAKE OVER our social media for the day. Just in case you missed it, below we present the full TAKE OVER from our September artist, Julia deVille.

Julia deVille is one of my favourite jewellery artists and her ethical taxidermy is recognised worldwide. We featured Julia back in 2015 issue 009 of Beautiful Bizarre Magazine. I still remember reading the interview, her words resonated with me,  ‘In running away from death we are ultimately just taking ourselves closer. We have lost touch with our true nature, we are animals, we are creatures. I think Humans used to have a lot more intuition and there was a lot less fear around death.’ Julia perhaps sees things others cannot, she creates beauty around things that should be seen, accepted and embraced. If you live anywhere near Melbourne or happen to be planning a trip to Australia, it is a worth a visit to her studio. It is beautiful and you will leave with a deeper understanding of her work and also a strong desire to own one of her pieces!

Follow Julia’s work here: Web | Facebook | IG | Twitter

Victorian Cat Mummy 2012

Materials: Cat, glass, linen, Victorian lace, Victorian cape, Victorian baby boots, sterling silver

This work was a happy accident. I posed the cat in an awkward upright position for another idea and he looked ridiculous. So I decided to bind him in black linen to create a Victorian Cat Mummy. He now rests in peace at the Art Gallery of South Australia.

Rocking Alpaca 2014

Baby Alpaca, sterling silver, white rhodium, black rhodium, 18ct white gold, antique pearls, chainmail, ostrich feathers, cockerel feathers, glass, Oak

This is the work I am most proud of. She was a moment (well six months) that came together perfectly for me. She now resides in my Melbourne Showroom. I will be making holograms of her later in the year…

Nick Cave // Nick Cave is the most talented artist (across all genres) in the history of everything. To be able to evoke like that…

Ray Caesar // If I could just learn how to astral project, I would live eternally in one of his worlds.

Adam Wallacavage // He made the octopus chandelier that hangs in my Melbourne Showroom. I swapped a raven for it. One day every light fitting in my house will be by Adam.

Jessica Joslin // The girl is a genius.

Leslie Rice // I am honoured to call Les a friend and collaborator. His black velvet paintings are to die for. I’m going to trade a lamb for one.

Ronit Baranga // I have a little set by Ronit with open mouths set into the bottom. Truly unique and wonderful work.

Linde Ivimey // I dream to own one of these one day. So does my dog/familiar Scout but for entirely different reasons…

This was the last piece chosen by Julia deVille, for today’s TAKE OVER! Thank you again Julia, we really appreciate you taking the time to put this day together.


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