The Natural Magic of Secret Wood Enchanting Rings

Wood and resin: this is what dreams are made of. It is what comes to mind when you first discover the astounding rings of designer Secret Wood. Just imagine having your own private paradise on your finger and you’ll be close to the feeling of a Secret Wood’s owner.

Canadian people know their subject like the back of their hand when it comes to forests and wildlife, so it is not surprising that the artist is based in Vancouver, British Columbia. In just few years, Secret Wood has taken the internet by storm with its fantastic designs. They are much more than luxury rings, they are genuine works of art, each handmade and unique.
Those jewels are sprucing-up the concept of snowglobes by capturing tiny fantasy landscapes into their resin bezels. Their meticulous details are sometimes made with other natural materials, such as real flowers or gold leaves, and they exist in silver versions too.

With an incredible realism, they recreate world’s beauties such as northern lights, misty and mossy undergrowths as well as snowcapped mountains and mysterious coral reefs. The lovers of magic and fantasy will fall for their elemental themes that perfectly imitate the power of air, water, earth and fire.
Glorified by outstanding photography, these little masterpieces are a vibrant ode to nature. They remind us to preserve the treasures of our planet. Just a glimpse and you will feel the urge to embrace your natural instincts by giving your finger one of these enchanting secret worlds set in a lovely ring…

Secret Wood


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