The Cute and Weird Universe of Ellen Sheidlin

Instagram icon Ellen Sheidlin is Nabokov’s most twisted fantasy made true. Indeed, the writer of Lolita could not even have pictured a creature such as this internet phenomenon who is hypnotizing more than 3 million followers. Twenty-three year old sylphlike nymphet Ellen Sheidlin, known on Instagram as Sheidlina, is an artist and a model in Russia, a conservative country where eccentricity is not well perceived. However, the fearless Instagramer is worshipped by Russian youth to the extent of being chosen as a muse by brands such as Nike. But what is making Ellen different from the millions of young women posting their selfies on the exhibitionist social networks? Of course, her troubling childlike woman appearance has a lot to do with that. With her doll-like body, she is playing with the fantasies of her followers. … Continue reading The Cute and Weird Universe of Ellen Sheidlin