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Every month, Beautiful Bizarre Magazine chooses one of our favourite artists to TAKE OVER our social media for the day. Just in case you missed it, below we present the full TAKE OVER from our July artist, Redd Walitzki.

Redd paints sensual ethereal woman on her easily distinguishable laser cut wood canvases. Her deeply moving contemporary portraits are often dripping with bright beautiful colours and surrounded by nature. Outside of normal worlds, she creates an intense energy and transforms her figures into fairy-tale beings. What could influence such an artist who transforms and captures beauty in such a unique way? Well… we are just about to find out in today’s TAKE OVER! Please welcome Redd as she shares her incredible favourites with you now!

Redd Walitzki – Stranger Than Earth // I’m so excited to have the chance to share some of my favorite creative influences with you! Seeing other artists explore complex ideas, and expand our visual vocabulary through technology, color and emotion is incredibly inspiring, and helps me gain a greater understanding of my own creative process. This new piece is from my upcoming solo show opening July 15th at Corey Helford Gallery.

“Stranger Than Earth” is a requiem to an Earth transformed by climate change; there is no going back to the world we used to know, but perhaps we can create a new world full of alien beauty. The explorers depicted in these paintings are a reflection of their environment, both unknowable and also entering into unknown spaces. Through these delicate mixed media paintings, I’m trying to combine the romanticism of high-fashion with a science-fiction edge. Atoms are dancing, hearts are breaking, and we dissolve into endless fields of flowers.

James Jean // James Jean is an artist that seems to tap straight into our collective unconscious. He was one of the first visual artists I fell in love with, spending hours pouring over his art books and hunting for details & images online. Initially, the more illustrative work (beginning with his “Fables” covers & Prada designs) caught my attention because of the lovely fluid line-quality and delicate color palettes. But eventually, his more expressive & gestural gallery work became even more of a favorite for me. Artists that continue to reinvent themselves are the most inspiring, and Jean is a perfect representation of that type of artist.

Nick Knight // (Above – Image 1 Flowers, Image 2 McQueen Collab) // Much of my own work is inspired by fashion designers and fashion photographers – often more than other painters, I connect with the concepts and compositions of fashion imagery. Nick Knight  is one of my quintessential favorites, both in his editorial work and also in the incredible floral and botanical pieces he is constantly creating. His collaborations with Alexander McQueen represent the pinnacle of creative collaboration – both are incredibly strong on their own, and then they are transformed and enriched by being combined. If I could be reincarnated as anything, I’d want to be one of Knight’s drowned rose petals.

Chiho Aoshima // (Above- Image 1 Painting, 2 Documentary ‘Rebirth of the World’) // Chiho Aoshima is one of my favorite artists from the Superflat movement, which informed much of my love of color and stylized beauty early on. Her work especially explores the cycles of growth and apocalypse our world is constantly churning through. But unlike the finality that defines armageddon in Western art, Aoshima’s vision has more hope and whimsy to it. In her world, destruction is necessary to create room for new growth. It’s also inspiring to see her take her paintings into new realms, through animation & video installation. It makes you feel fully submerged in her universe, and expands her concepts even further.

Marilyn Minter// Minter’s aesthetic of glamor mixed with grime, that dance between the abject and beautiful, is one of my all time favorites. I love that her work contains a critique of our glossy image obsessed beauty culture, while still retaining a beauty all its own. Its inspiring to see her working as a hyperrealist painter, but also in photography and video art. Creativity doesn’t need to fit into a small box, and artists that push the boundaries of multiple mediums are especially inspiring in that way!

Kari-Lise Alexander // I’m constantly awed by the incredible oil paintings of Kari-Lise Alexander. Her handling of color and detail is absolutely inspiring, and each piece seems to advance the ideas of the last. She’s the type of artist that’s never satisfied to rest in a “safe” space, the thrill is in finding the next exciting concept, and pursuing it even when technically challenging. We also have a deep creative friendship that has given me new insight into how artists can connect, and how friendships like this push us to new limits. The best way to grow creatively is to surround yourself with artists that are on the same path & help each other explore it.

Bjork//James Merry // While primarily known as a musician/performer, Bjork’s  incredible aesthetic & constant embrace of new technology and collaboration with other visionaries makes her an inspiring visual artist for me. Especially her current collaborative designs with mask-maker James Merry, and the VR videos based on those designs, are bursting with color and strange beauty. It’s also wonderful to see her be very outspoken about the inequities women still face in the music industry, which is a sad battle our culture as a whole is still enmeshed in.

Michelle Anderst // Anderst is an emerging artist from Seattle, whose work has been really inspiring for me to watch! In her paintings she combines natural & anatomical illustration with the geometries of mysticism & psychedelia, resulting in a beautiful new vocabulary. Artists like Ernst Haeckel & Maria Sibyl Merian have paved a long path of incorporating scientific illustration into a greater understanding of our world, and seeing Michelle expand on those traditions is endlessly fascinating for me! She’s certainly an exciting new talent to watch out for!

This was the last piece chosen by Redd Walitzki, for today’s TAKE OVER! Thank you again Redd, we really appreciate you taking the time to put this day together.




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