The Witty Grunge-Based Narrative of Lora Zombie

Everything about Lora Zombie’s art screams: narrative attitude, laced with quick-wit. The bleeding of watercolour, scratched-out fonts and splashes of paint are throwbacks to early grunge poster art or ‘grunge effects’. The style is synonymous with the early Ray Gun Magazine styling of David Carson, elements of Jean-Michel Basquiat and the more painterly styling of Susan Rothberg. The main mediums used by Lora are fluorescent ink and watercolour, whose tones comes from the greatest palette of all, nature itself! These inks and meandering watercolours intertwine to create the bold narrative statements she’s known for; they do what all art should – touch nerves and illicit a response! Lora Zombie honed her craft in her teens drawing fan art in the internet forums of the band, Gorillaz. Her success and interests transitioned into similar musings in … Continue reading The Witty Grunge-Based Narrative of Lora Zombie