Bringing Fairytales to Life: The Art of Zelyss

Pop surrealism inspired by incredible Japanese dolls and fairytales, romanticized and made serene on the canvas. Take a deep breath and fall into their enormous welcoming souls. Bringing big eyes into the millennium, Zelyss‘ boutique doll-like creations are both endearing and engaging. Don’t be fooled by the girls with the sad faces, she is a genuinely happy person that likes to depict a more serious character while bringing to life an air of melancholy that allows the viewer to build stories around their expressions. Zelyss conveys something in her work that most people can relate to, as life sometimes tips the scales in that direction and she has chosen to focus more on these strong emotions in her larger pieces. Zelyss also does an incredible job placing these girls in their surroundings, the story appearing layered … Continue reading Bringing Fairytales to Life: The Art of Zelyss