Let Me Make You a Martyr: Reveries of Darkness and Murder

Tired of livin’ in the darkness, man. It’s all I’ve ever known. It’s all that’s ever know me, besides her. You ever think about suicide? I mean really thought about it? Like there might be no other way out? It’s a dark place to exist. I’ve lived with the burden of that far too long–longer than I can remember–and it’s suffocating me. No fire—no inferno—could top that. In fact, I’d invite God to the challenge. — Let Me Make You a Martyr

Ascending high above the late plethora of film mediocrity, the film Roger Ebert calls “A southern fried journey to the heart of darkness” is finally about to be released. Let Me Make You a Martyr is the long-awaited feature film debut from Corey Asraf and John Swab. It may have taken five years to make, but the pair have created a movie that transcends the plot and cinematography clichés of common independent film. It’s at once elusive and impactful, as it boldly bends genre and character expectations, while injecting the audience with the agony of its concepts. It’s a story to puzzle over; but it’s also an enveloping atmosphere to indulge in. Let Me Make You a Martyr will finally be available to audiences on June 6th of this year on several video on demand platforms, including but not limited to Amazon and iTunes.

“A stunningly captured, well-written revenge drama that hides a host of surprises behind strong powerhouse performances.” –The Hollywood News

Let Me Make You a Martyr is a probing examination of human volition, exploring the consequences of addiction, lust, hatred, fear, and devotion. Drew Glass, (played by Niko Nicotera), returns to the hometown from which he had been estranged for many years. He reconnects with his adoptive sister, June Glass (played by Sam Quartin), and collaborates with her to escape their troubled and abusive past. However, their adoptive father and crime lord, Larry Glass (played by Mark Boone Junior), conspires to have them murdered. The hitman he hires is played masterfully by Marilyn Manson–with all the deranged, and certifiable characteristics you might expect—but, with complexities that nearly turn murder into a fateful lullaby.

“Let’s just get this shit over with. You know you’re dead already.”

Website | Facebook | IMDb

Iscariot Films & Actium Pictures presents:

Let Me Make You a Martyr

Directed by Corey Asraf and John Swab

Written by John Swab

This is the Manson we’ve been missing. All of the characters in this film were so committed and well-acted, that it is difficult to maintain bias toward any one of them (especially with stand-outs from Sons of Anarchy in the mix). However, Manson executed his deluded and reclusive role with so much passion, that I believed him to be the most terrifying antagonist in a thriller to date. His performance truly demands more movie roles.

“[Laughter] God? [Laughter] Where do you find him in all of this?”

The release on June 6th is for several video on demand platforms, but the movie has also begun a limited theatrical run. Showings include(d) Circle Cinema in Tulsa beginning May 25th for two weeks, Alamo Drafthouse in Austin beginning May 27th for two weeks, Sunset 5 Cinema in Los Angeles on June 5th, and Anthology Film Archives in Brooklyn on June 9th. Find out more about the movie on the website, or on IMDb. This is one for the till-sunrise-talks, nights lying awake, heated debates, and despondent reveries. No matter what you take from it, Let Me Make You a Martyr will leave an impression.

“Martyrdom is rooted in the idea of witnessing, and the movie asks itself and its audience who should be responsible…” –Trivia News.


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