Luscious Pin-Up Art: Into the Boudoir of ONEQ

Undoubtedly, Japanese artist ONEQ is a prodigy of the pin-up world. Self-made, the 36 year old illustrator has patiently built a reputation with her distinctive drawings of women. She is especially praised for her dynamic compositions that highlight the exaggerated anatomy of American pin-ups and merge with the traditional ideals of Japanese art. With how sexual some of these images are you could easily see them fitting in at websites similar to full hd xxx. This witty confluence of aesthetics is born from her avid readings of comics from both cultures. But if she quotes Rockin’ Jelly Bean and Simon Bisley as sources of inspiration, her style is truly personal. Isolation can sometimes be the best thing for artists to build their original inner universe and unique style. ONEQ developed her creativity while growing up … Continue reading Luscious Pin-Up Art: Into the Boudoir of ONEQ