Tantalizing Nude Photography of Corwin Prescott

Fine Art and portrait photographer, Corwin Prescott has the ability to capture a variety of content with such thoughtful attention to detail, technical precision, and tasteful editing. Some photos are of Corwin’s adventures through the wilderness; he captures the serenity of landscapes which such crisp clarity. Some of Corwin’s photos sway towards the erotic; he manages to find models that are bold and comfortable in their own skin, only aided by the trained eye of the photographer.

Perhaps his biggest, most recognizable projects are We Were Wanderers and Into the Wild, where he places female nudes, posed poetically in these serene landscapes. The forms of the bodies seem to fit within the trees, icebergs, rivers, rocks, and waterfalls. The partnerships between the models and the photographer display a mutual understanding, and all around comfortability between the parties. The bodies in nature point out that both are natural and innately beautiful. Together, they are uncomplicated, yet powerful.




About Author

I revel in incredible art because it gives me the ability to be transcended and inspired. In my reality, visual art and manifestations of beauty are an escape from the mundane and are things that have become a mild obsession. With writing and educating, I hope to give others the ability to be exposed to artists and art that allow them to imagine the unimaginable.

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