On May 13th, Slushbox Gallery celebrated Nerdcore V- Tales from the Cantina group exhibition (they even had Superpower snacks!). Featuring the work of more than 30 international artists each created their own unique interpretation of the theme through a wide-ranging variety of mediums and individual styles. Slated to trigger every nerd’s fantasy, Nerdcore V harnesses a nostalgic cornucopia of art inspired by long-favorite comics, video games, sci-fi, 80’s TV shows, cartoons, Star Wars and more.

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Nerdcore V – Tales from the Cantina

Exhibition Dates:
May 13 – July 01, 2017

Slushbox Gallery

2716 S Dixie Hwy #101

West Palm Beach, FL 33405

For additional information and purchasing details, please contact the gallery directly: gallery@slushbox.com

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Press Release:

You will never find a more wretched hive of scum and villainy… But we have some pretty sweet art! Drink up the radness from over 30 artists, local and across the country. Celebrate Video Games, Star Wars, Comics, 80’s TV Shows, Anime/Manga, Cartoons, Transformers and all the other droids you are looking for.

Participating Artists:

Jen Taylor, Kikistardust, Gilen Bousquet, Brittany Hanks, JR Linton, Matt Vazquez, Adam Bee, Jake Drone, William Butler, Erika TaguchiBrenda Burton, Brian Reedy, Christa Dippel, Aja Trier, Bre Tobias, HerArtSheLoves, Amber Malott, Chel Panda, Ma. Victoria Robado Shouri, Jenny Lee, Von Zombo, Jessica Corley, Jeff Schutte, Jose E Arce Jr., Irma Galindo, Robert Jimenez, Erica Shaw, Joan Diwa, Sukesha Ray, Darren F. Gideon and more!

Aja Trier

JR Linton

Brittany Hanks

Gilen Bousquet

Jeff Schutte

Brenda Burton

Jen Taylor

Joan Diwa

Erica Shaw

Erika Taguchi


Opening Night

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