Stephen Bower’s ‘Visions of a Terminal Reality: Pt1’ @ Copro Gallery

A form of art going back millennia, the intricacies of ink illustrations have continued to produce some of the boldest artworks in the modern age. From the ancient Greeks in 300 CE depicting their moral tales on papyrus, we fast-forward to 2017 to the heart of Houston, Texas, where Stephen Bower uses this art form to depict a new realm of artistic expression. From his hand, something special arises; characters lurk in the illusions of depth formed from hundreds of minuscule dots, and the use of white space is refreshingly modern. Here we see the new age of black and white ink drawings. Influenced by the music of Houston metal, punk and grindcore, Stephen’s works have supported this underground scene though his artistic creations as much as he has played in Houston’s local bands themselves.  The overarching themes of death and destruction, rather than producing feeling of morose, triggers the awareness of life and movement in each dramatic portrayal of the future of the human race in the face of technological singularity.

As a new artist to the world of exhibitions, Stephen will be sharing his work for the first time in exhibition form at Copro Gallery’s enchanting venue in Santa Monica, CA.  If the pen is mightier than the sword, Stephen Bower’s works will no doubt conquer audiences in his first solo show, Visions of a Terminal Reality Part 1: Transition to Technocracy.

Stephen Bower’s Visions of a Terminal Reality Part 1: Transition to Technology

Opening Reception:

Saturday, May 20 | 8–11.30 pm

Exhibition Dates:

May 20–June 10, 2017

Copro Gallery

Bergamot Arts Complex, 2525 Michigan Ave T5, Santa Monica, CA 90404

For further details about the exhibition and any of the works, contact Gary Pressman, Director of Copro Gallery on 310/829-2156 or email CoproGallery@Live.com

About the Artist:

“Artist Stephen Bower creates intricate ink depictions of the enigmatic place between the distant past and the unseen future, the dark world of matter and the ethereal world beyond, the brightest dreams and darkest fears. Stephen seeks to find the balance between the unsettling and the beautiful. He relies heavily on concept, narrative and theme to create his visual art, music and literature. Stephen is able to focus solely on his art by providing art for the underground metal scene that is also his musical home.”

Go To Hell

Hall of Graven Images

The Overlord


Sacred Pattern of Life

Flesh and Steel

Killing the Industry

Earth Mother

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