Young Chun TAKES OVER Beautiful Bizarre

Every month, Beautiful Bizarre Magazine chooses one of our favourite artists to TAKE OVER our social media for the day. Just in case you missed it, below we present the full TAKE OVER from Young Chun.

“My art is a fabrication of reality – the way I see it in my mind. Music, culture, childhood memories, and the people in the environment that surrounds me influence it” ~ Young.

Young Chun – Feel Good Cocktail // Thank you Beautiful Bizarre Magazine, for allowing me to share some of my favorite artists and artwork that have inspired me. But to start off, here’s one from me.  I like to imagine that the character’s I paint are looking through the lens of their sunglasses, as if looking through a window into our world with great curiosity and fascination. The glasses allow their eyes to see all the beautiful and wonderful things that they want to love.

One of my favorite pieces that I’ve done is “Feel good Cocktail”. In this particular piece, the straw in the character’s cocktail is facing the viewer, to suggest that the character wants to share the excitement she feels.

Michelangelo – The Pieta// Michelangelo is an extraordinary figure in art, and is considered the greatest artist of all time to many people. His understanding of the human anatomy, along with the ability to manipulate proportions in the human form, inspired many artists during his time to also exaggerate and elongate the human form, in their art. This eventually developed into the next art movement – “mannerism”, which is one my favorite movements in art.

He’s definitely one of my favorite artist from the renaissance period. He was a huge influence on me, especially during my years spent as an art student. This Pieta sculpture, in which depicts the body of Jesus Christ, on the lap of Mother Mary after the crucifixion, was the only work he had ever signed… he created it when he was only 24 years old. Although I’m inspired and love many of his works, including his Sistine Chapel paintings, this piece is probably my most favorite. I love the way he sculpted the human forms with such precision and sophistication. Also, the level of detail he adds with such elegance in this piece is incredible.

Michael Hussar – Vasoline // I was very fortunate to have Michael as one of my former instructors when I was in art school – the Art Center College of Design, in Pasadena, California. He’s definitely one of the top contemporary painters living today and one whose skill-set is high up there with the old masters. He’s also a gifted instructor, who holds nothing back, when it comes to sharing with his students, his invaluable knowledge. I think his work is phenomenally intense and it beautifully explores a darker side of the human psyche.

Kang Hyung Koo – Old Monroe // Kang Hyung Koo, is a South Korean artist, whose work I deeply admire. He paints large-scale portraits of famous celebrities in oils and uses unconventional methods to paint them. In addition to brushes, he also uses toothpicks and drills to move paint and scrape through surfaces, revealing under-layers in the process of creating his pieces. Although his paintings resemble photographs and have been referred to as photo-realism, he disputes being confined to this category because he uses various photographs, along with his own knowledge of human features to create an entirely new image.

A single photograph resembling his paintings does not exist. I love this “Old Monroe” painting because it not only demonstrates how capable he is in producing such a refined piece of work but also for his ability to conceptualize and portray a dearly beloved celebrity icon, such as Marilyn Monroe, as if she was still alive in her aged form.

Ruprecht Von Kaufmann – Schimmelreiter // His paintings never cease to amaze me. Back when I was a student at the Art Center College, he was a couple of terms ahead of me and he had paintings displayed in the student art gallery, I think every term. I remember I would often stand in front of his paintings to admire them. The imagery he created with confidence in every brushstroke left me feeling inspired and humbled at the same time. Even as a student, he had this natural ability to demonstrate sophistication in his use of color, design, and composition. There was a definite sense of maturity in his work. Since then, he has evolved even more as a prolific artist, and continues to produce incredible pieces that are masterful and inspiring.

Eric White – Divine Mother of Guilt // There are few artists who can paint imagery that challenge the viewer to interact and push through the boundaries of what is perceived, like Eric White. His surreal and claustrophobic paintings are masterfully rendered, often with deliberately distorted and morphed figures that are superimposed to create an almost nightmarish environment. I’m absolutely enthralled by his work.

Yu Jinyoung – Welcome // I find the transparent and minimalist sculptures of Yu Jinyoung very intriguing and impressive. I love the contrast of playful floral patterns and warm inviting colors that decorate their clothing and accessories while their facial features reflect a somber and lonely world. I think that the sculptures are even more compelling when grouped together to display variations in design, color, and scale.

Taylor McKimens – Just The Other Side of Nowhere // The work of Taylor McKimens is very exciting. I love the bold and meticulous hatched lines and all the details of ooze, splatters, and drippings he adds to bring life into the art he creates in the form of paintings, sculptures, and installations. He absorbs the everyday, ordinary things around him and rearranges them in his mind with his unique blend of aesthetics to create what is distinctly his own. My words can’t really describe the admiration I have for his work or the artistic vision of the world he imagines. His art to me is truly beautiful and bizarre.

This was the last piece chosen by Young Chun, for today’s TAKE OVER! Thank you again Young, we really appreciate you taking the time to put this day together.


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