Ginger and the Ghost: New Rituals, an Album for Dreamers

After enticing us with some fascinating EPs, new coming band Ginger and the Ghost announced its eagerly awaited debut album, New Rituals, which shed light on the spiritual and theatrical universe of this creative duo.

Behind Ginger and the Ghost are two Australian artistic minds, Missy (who personifies Ginger) and Daniel (who gives a body to the Ghost). Both were involved with creation before founding the band in 2013, and their project reaches way beyond music. Indeed, the aesthetics of Ginger and the Ghost also use multi-dimensional art, from costumes to set decoration/installation, as well as short films and live performances.

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Ginger and the Ghost

Also, the oneiric world of Ginger and the Ghost involves a fantastical narrative. The two heroes have been torn from their world only to end up in a new one, inhabited by fallen souls. Each of their music videos reveal the troubling beauty of this journey. The combination of pop surrealism and dreams, their story also allows a social commentary of global consciousness.

New Rituals is all about creating a new mythology, a global dreamlike state that could bring us back to our childhood’s innocence. As a result, the creative madness of Ginger and the Ghost is genuinely liberating, energizing and, of course, inspiring. Using the concept of “future primitive” as their motto, the band is mixing influences from folklore and tribal cultures with contemporary elements. This pairing is visible in their extravagant costumes and a sense of fashion that falls somewhere between the wildness of Lady Gaga and the glamour of Goldfrapp. Either way, it has caught the eyes of fashion industry and resulted in collaborations with famous houses of Haute Couture and various fashion events.

The matching of primal and futuristic styles is, of course, perceptible in their music. The experimental pop of Ginger and the Ghost has recourse to world instruments, as well as many unusual objects to create their unique sound. This DIY aspect is reinforced by their Cirque du Soleil-like music videos that are closer to contemporary dance and spectacles than to classic videos, in the same way as their gigs, which are not ordinary concerts either.

The charm of Ginger and the Ghost would be nothing without the voice of Missy. Almost adolescent and fruity, her ethereal singing part is chiming like a harmonious little bell, just like another instrument played by the couple. It brings a truly enchanting facet to their songs. If it sometimes reminds of the conceptual warbling of Karin Dreijer Andersson, it also shares the dulcet tone of Agnes Obel. We could also probably draw their sound closer to MSMR, Is Tropical or even Laura Mvula. Yet, if they fit in the indie and alternative sections, they are creating something unique, with a trailblazing goal.

New Rituals dives deeper into their connections with nature, spirituality and ethnic vibes. The album will be even more focused on ceremonial instrumentation and lush synth. They will develop their mystery and hypnotic vibes in a way Björk and Likke Li did before. Darker, yet always smooth and enveloping: the kind of album you listen to keep you positive while commuting or after a tough day, in your bathroom… but New Rituals can definitely be the soundtrack of a world looking for some changes too. Ginger and the Ghost will release their next single in March and their first album is expected in May/June. Meanwhile, you can follow their peculiar universe with “Choose your own dream state”, a series of short films made on tour.








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