Sheri DeBow’s: Return of the Bubblegum Princess @ Modern Eden Gallery

Obsession mode activated.

Escape into the dreamy imagination of sculptress, Sheri DeBow… where her innate creative voice flourishes within a storybook wonderland paved in pink. Like a fairy tale beckoning you to come out and play, her magical fine art dolls bemuse viewers with each expressive gaze. Abound with playful romanticism and childhood reverie, from tiny princesses and Pierrot dancers to mischief-makers and springtime jesters; each has a way of pulling your heartstrings.

On Friday, March 3, Modern Eden Gallery proudly presented Sheri DeBow’s: Return of the Bubblegum Princess. Don’t miss the opportunity to discover her captivating new collection!

Sheri DeBow’s: Return of the Bubblegum Princess

Opening Reception:

Friday, March 3, 2017 | 6-9pm

Exhibition Dates:

March 3–25, 2017

Modern Eden Gallery

801 Greenwich Street @ Mason and Columbus | San Francisco, CA

For press inquiries or sales, please contact Gallery Director Kim Larson kim@moderneden.com

Press Release:

Modern Eden Gallery is thrilled to announce our third major solo exhibition with Napa-based artist Sheri DeBow. Return of the Bubblegum Princess is an all new series of DeBow’s fine art dolls that describe a girl’s journey from the playful innocence of childhood into wild ferocity of adulthood. Each doll is part of a progression of characters who start as wide-eyed darlings and blossom into strong, adult women, and fierce subjects of substance. Embodied within each piece is the sense of wonder and curiosity of the very young at heart, beautifully brought to life by the artist’s incredible attention to material and detail.

Sheri DeBow creates emotive and intricate dolls and sculptures from clay and various mixed media materials. Never using molds or taking shortcuts, each piece is a unique result of meticulous creation. As a student, she worked and studied under sculptor Franco Vianello, Phil Cornelius, Michael Maday, Professor Sakaguchi, Richard Carter and Sensei Kusakabe. She now works as a full-time artist and mom to five children in California’s Napa Valley. Sheri DeBow’s work has been published in Art Doll Quarterly, Beautiful Bizarre Magazine, and PolymerCAFÉ Magazine. Her dolls are also featured characters on NBC’s hit show, Grimm.



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