Stas Kadrulev: Nudity Is a Landscape

Little is known on Russian photographer, Stas Kadrulev. This anonymity is strangely matched to the mystery surrounding his work. The niche of the 45 years old artist, based in the city of Ulan-Ude, is nude photography. Of course, sensuality is obvious. But Kadrulev is not treating bodies in the same manner other nude photographers would do. First, identity of the models is usually hidden. His pictures are not telling stories, nor expressing human emotions. Yet, bodies are not objectified either. They are blending into natural landscapes, in some kind of camouflage, and seem to transform into trees, stones or even ice.

The aesthetic of Stas Kadrulev’s photography is refined and minimalistic. There is a certain feeling of relaxation experienced while admiring his breathtaking landscapes. And we could push it even further, by branding his art of Zen. Indeed, the postures of some models are reminding of those arrangements of stones in Japanese rock gardens. As a result, he would be a creator of poetic “flesh gardens”.

The photographer enjoys playing with flesh, much like people enjoy BabestationCams to see other kinds of flesh. He models it as if it was clay, and the result is statuesque and intense. His models are seemingly courageous as they contort in bizarre positions while standing naked in cold. This, alongside the original camera angles add to the epic result. We could say that the work of Stas Kadrulev gives new perspectives on nudity. His shots are not erotic, yet they are intimate and touching. You can almost feel the skin breathing in the middle of its natural setting making them feel alive in their elements of nature.

Stas Kadrulev



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