The Otherworldly Jewelry of Heather Thompson

Heather Thompson does not make jewelry for the subtle. The Indiana University of Pennsylvania graduate brings an otherworldly and fantastic imagination to the art of jewelry. Her accessories are something straight out of high fantasy, with an elegance and beauty that demand attention, while still serving the purpose for which they were created. As illustrated in her mission statement:

“While the functionality and wearability becomes a metaphor; symbolism of our own unconscious ritual generates further meaning and associations that are attached to the materials, embracing and rejecting the traditions of jewelry.”

Unpredictable appears to be a common theme shared among her works. They are as beautiful and alluring, like undiscovered sea life brought to the surface. And yet there is an element of hostility and self-preservation. To approach them and the wearer, one must be cautious and gentle; respectful and patient. They protect the wearer as much and they create a new detail of alluring beauty to their outfit.

Her rings seem to float in the air as though the wearer sits deep in the ocean. They tangle and rise, gently swaying as though they could keep rising into the air. Where her rings are gently, her bracelets are less forgiving. As beautiful as they are defensive. Necklaces seem to be a passion for Thompson, whose portfolio contains many varieties. These pieces are worth the attention they seem to command. They’re vibrant and full. Were they living they would appear symbiotic with the wearer, as though they’re growing from the skin.

Sterling Silver, (Found) Watch Parts

Fragile Shell – View2
Sterling Silver, Glass, Porcelain

Vintage Spoon Ring
Sterling Silver, Amethyst Setting

Coexistence (View 2)
Sterling Silver, Glass, Fine Silver

Glass Knuckles
Sterling Silver, Glass

Delicate Interaction
Sterling Silver, Glass, Fine Silver

Milkweed Series 1
Sterling Silver, Pearls

Milkweed Series 2
Sterling Silver, Pearls

Milkweed Series 3
Sterling Silver, Pearls

Exposed Series 1
Sterling Silver

Exposed Series 2
Sterling Silver


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